Measuring Instructions


Please do not guess at your size and do not use your street clothes size for formal wear. Most formal wear runs small usually one size smaller than your normal clothing size. Measure first then match your size to the designer's size chart. Order the size that comes closest to your measurements. If between sizes, choose the larger size as it is always easier to alter the dress down than to let it out.

 How to Measure :

Measure over undergarments, keep measuring tape level and pull it snug, but not tight. If you will be wearing special undergarments with your dress, measure over those. If you do not have a measuring tape you can always use a piece of string and then measure it with a ruler. Designers determine their size by the bust, waist, and hip measurements. See the following for measuring tips.

 Taking the Bust Measurements

 1. Stand straight with your heels together and your arms at your side.

 2. Place the measuring tape so that it covers the fullest part of your bust.

 3. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.

Taking the Waist Measurements

 1. Standing straight, bend to your side. The bend is your natural waist.

 2. Stand straight and keep your heels together.

 3. Place the measuring tape around your natural waist.

 4. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.

 Taking the Hip Measurements

 1. Stand straight and your arms down at your side.

 2. Position the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips.

 3. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.

Once you've taken your measurements, review the selected designer's size chart that applies to your dress. The designer's size chart shows the measurements they use to make each size.  All designer's size there dresses differently so please make sure you are looking at the correct size chart. 

Compare your measurements to the size chart to determine the correct size. Formal wear usually run smaller than your every day clothes, and most will require some type of alterations. If your measurements indicate different sizes for the bust, waist, and hip measurements, designers generally suggest ordering according to the largest measurement. Gowns can be taken in, but due to the modest seam allowance in the gowns, there may not be enough fabric to make it larger. Remember alterations are almost always required for that perfect fit.

Size Charts